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bing搜索全球市场占有率是第三,前2位分别是google和yahoo!所以bing搜索还是需要被重视起来的。Bing 的对待新站的反应速度还是比较快的,一般一个新网站做好了,1 周左右就开始收录了。







支持Google Search Console的网站直接导入,但是大鸟这里就选择直接添加网站。



有3种验证方式,xml文件、<meta> 标记、CNAME 记录验证。大鸟这里选择xml文件验证。







Bing 在自己的 Support 里有一篇教程是介绍为什么你的网站不被收录的:《Why is My Site Not in the Index》,主要有以下几个原因:展开

  • Your site is new and we haven’t discovered and crawled it yet: With new websites it can take Bing time to find links and crawl through to your website. Even if you submit sitemaps or submit pages directly to us via your Webmaster account as described in Submit URLs to Bing, we still need to crawl and assess it before it appears in the index.
  • We are running into issues crawling the site: If we consistently cannot crawl your website, we may not select it to be indexed. You can use Fetch as Bingbot to see if Bingbot, our main crawler, is able to crawl your homepage and other pages.
  • There are no links pointing to your website: A common problem for new websites is a lack of links pointing to it from other places on the web. Not only do links help us discover your content, they also tell us a bit about the popularity of your page. Keep in mind we would rather see links from quality, authoritative websites pointing at you than see hundreds of new links from random site suddenly appear. The bottom line, however, is that there needs to be, at the very least, one link pointing to your website for us to find it. More quality links are obviously better, but concentrate on getting even a few quality links pointed at your new website by creating compelling, link-worthy content.
  • Your robots.txt file is preventing us from crawling your site: If you have incorrectly set up your robots.txt file, you may be inadvertently telling Bingbot to not crawl your website. This could potentially keep you from being seen in our index. Check out How to Create a Robots.txt File to learn more about how to properly set up a basic robots.txt file.
  • You have a <meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX"> on your pages: If your pages contain <meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX"> in the page's source code we will not add them to the index.
  • You have blocked URLs inside your Bing Webmaster Tools: If you have an active Webmaster account with Bing, you may have blocked URLs form showing in our results using the Block URLs tool. Check your account to ensure the URLs you expect to see in the index are not blocked here.
  • Your site does not meet the quality threshold required by Bing: Bing likes unique, quality content. Websites which replicate content, redirect users quickly, or provide little depth often don’t fare well in our results. Prolonged poor performance can lead us to delist websites to make room for quality websites.
  • Your website has been assessed a penalty and has been removed from the index: In rare case where we have found your web site in violation of quality guidelines or we have discovered malware on your site your site may not appear in search results because it has been penalized. Bing communicates directly with website owners via the Webmaster tools to alert them to any malware we detect on a website. Should malware be detected on your website, we will either remove the site from our search results entirely or add a malware warning to the listing to protect our searchers. If you've been hit by malware you should follow the Malware Re-Evaluation process.


如果你的网站也没有上述问题,但是 Bing 收录,那么可以直接联系 Bing webmaster 客服:

按照 Form 要求填写自己的名字、邮箱地址、以及遇到的问题(例如我现在的问题是 my site is not indexed by Bing):





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chrome插件:bilibli图床、微博图床 WEB前端


图床很多是网站版本,如果有chrome插件版本的会更方便,群里大神推荐说有bilibli图床和微博图床的chrome插件版本。赶紧去试用一番,效果很不错。 这篇文章就来分享下这两个插件,如果在和以前大...



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